It is important for us to do environmentally friendly jewelry.

All jewelery is handmade and on demand in micro productions; the collections are not built upon trends, instead we create collectable objects.

To work in small scale and with handicraft is sustainable in itself, at the end it also becomes an active choice of the consumer or the retailer to not choose something mass produced. The production is mainly done locally in Stockholm which also has a positive impact on the production process and supply chain.

We always try to reuse the customers gold/silver/bronze if possible and remake it into new jewelry. Metals are not consumed but can be reused many times. They can be melted and then turned into new raw or semi-finished material used for new products. Since metal scrap has an economical value the recycling potential is high.

With the bronze we do alloys out of copper or tin as they did during the bronze age. We us techniques and production methods that have worked for thousands of years.

The boxes and packaging we use are made out of eco-friendly carton boards and paper and are FSC certified.

We are constantly working on improving ourselves even more in this field.