As part of the creative process, Krista Kretzschmar has collaborated with several different companies and individuals.

For the opening of ABBA The Museum in Stockholm, Krista designed a set of unique necklaces together with Anni-Frid Lyngstad Reuss.

For RODEBJER, Krista designed the very first piece of Wabi Sabi art jewelry, resulted in one bracelet and one ring that were sold in the Flagship Store at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm.

For HOUSE of DAGMAR, Krista designed specific developments of the Wabi Sabi collections showcased in both fashion shows, advertising and lookbooks.

For STAND, Krista designed jewelry exclusively used for a fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

For SKULTUNA, Krista has a long term design agreement, developing several collections of both bracelets, rings and other cufflinks. The collaboration is based on the iconic animal collections Krista designed in the early phases of her brand, with representations of the Nordic Wildlife.

If you lead or manage a brand that want to collaborate with us, don't hesitate to contact Krista Kretzschmar directly through