My name is Krista Kretzschmar and I am a goldsmith and jewelry designer.

I was born and bred on Lidingö, the first island in the archipelago outside Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I gained my higher education at Le Arte Orafi, in Florence, Italy. During those five years I learned the foundations of a trade that dates for millenia and more. Since graduating as a certified goldsmith and designer, I have now worked almost ten years, creating pieces of jewelry that are a reflection of my creativity.

My main collections, which you will find here in my online shop, are mainly inspired by the fantastic world of flora and fauna. I also find inspiration from Japanese culture and aesthetics, where I have fallen in love with the philosophy of the imperfect. During my creative process I like to travel, meet people from various cultures and backgrounds, as well as venture into other art forms such as music, dance, the fine arts and photography.

Additionally I also work with private sales and special commissions, transforming the ideas of my customers into beautiful pieces of jewelry. I enjoy the close collaboration with my customers for whom I design.

Welcome to my fantasy.